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Just Baked Cakes 

Delicious custom cakes in Bakersfield CA




  Moist delicious cakes! You could almost never go wrong when it comes to what flavor to choose. Its the size or amount of cake you want that is the hard part.



     How the cake tastes is very important to me. I would never send out a cake that I didn't enjoy. I guarantee moist delicious cakes everytime! Cake Tastings are available for $25 with at least 3 weeks notice.

 Cinnamon Swirl - Vanilla  Cake with Cinnamon Buttercream dusted with cinnamon sugar

Caramel Almond-Vanilla Almond Cake with Salted Caramel Buttercream

Black and White-Chocolate and Vanilla layered cake with Vanilla swirl Buttercream

Peanut Butter Cup -Chocolate cake with the BEST Peanut butter buttercream

 Lemon Raspberry-lemon cake raspberry buttercream

Pina Colada-Pineapple cake Coconut Buttercream

 Triple Chocolate-Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Chips inside and Chocolate buttercream

 Red Velvet-Delicious moist classic 

Cookies and Cream-Moist Chocolate cake with a Vanilla oreo buttercream


More Cake Flavors

Dark Chocolate




Banana Nut

Classic Yellow

Chocolate Chip


Don't see your favorite flavor?? Just ask. More flavors may be available.


     Mmm mmm mmm! If you love frosting then you probably agree that the cake is merely a vessel to carry the mounds of rich buttery frosting into your mouth! Now Im not talking about that overly sweet stuff you get outta the can. I have been

so lucky to have found/tried and tested a recipe for

 the best buttercream you'll ever eat!  Really....not too sweet, not to thick. Just the perfect balance between fluffy creamy butter and sweet smooth sugar....and a few other top secret ingredients! Be sure to ask if you dont see

your favorite flavor.


Pretty much any combo of cake and frosting

 you like can be put together.



Milk Chocolate


Oreo Cookie


Chocolate Chip


Cream Cheese

Peanut Butter