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Just Baked Cakes and Cupcakes

Delicious custom cakes in Bakersfield CA



  1. Do you have a bakery?

    Not yet...but hopefully in the near future I can open a storefront. I bake from home and take orders by phone and email. 

  2. I want to order a cake, how does it work?

    So first send me an email with all the info I will need like date of you event, whats the occasion, how many servings, any colors/theme/patterns you may want, and any pics if you have them of what you are looking for. Then I will contact you with ideas and price quotes. As soon as you are ready to place your order( with ATLEAST 50% of your total order due as deposit to secure your date) we will set up a date for you to come by and place your orders..Then you come and pick up your order on the day and time specified when the remaining balance is due.  Its as simple as that. Feel free to call with any questions.

  3. Do you really make these cakes...by yourself???

    Yes and Yes. I do have a trusty assistant (husband with no choice, but fast learner) but other than that I create bake and decorate your cake personally. It does take ALOT of time and I try to get back to customers asap. Parents out there....I also have  1 and 2 year old girls :)

  4. How far in advance should I contact you?

    As soon as you have a date set we can start designing your cake. Its never too early to plan. Some customers pay IN FULL 3 months ahead of time. It helps to get as much done as early as you can when planning an event. Usually atleast 2 weeks is enough time for most orders. 1 week for small orders. But there is is no gaurantee your date will be avaialble if you wait til the last week or two. Contact me as soon as you are ready

  5. Can you make my favorite specialty flavor?

    Probably :) Just ask and Ill see what I can do for you

  6. Is there a minimum order amount?

    Right now I have a 2 dozen minimum on Cupcakes, unless you are also getting a cake than I can do 1 dozen for you.

  7. What are your most popular flavors?

    For sure Cookies and Cream. No one can resist an Oreo.Fresh Strawberry and Chocolate PB

  8. Do you use your own recipes?

    I have spent years perfecting the best recipe to make sure that each cake tastes amazing, is moist and baked fresh. Some recipes I use are  from popular books such as the Hello Cupcake series and Martha Stewart Cookbooks but all with my extra special touches. My buttercream recipe is in my head and no one else, even my trusty assistant/husband knows that :) Its is buttery, creamy and  delicious  with just the right amount of sweetness....and made fresh for each order

  9. Do you make Wedding/Quincenera Cakes?

    I sure can!  I am very excited about taking on new and bigger challenges. I look forward to making you an amazing cake no matter the occassion. Feel feel to dream up anything you can imagine. Call for more info

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